The Juggler's Joy

There was once a juggler. He was known across the land for his skills. He could juggle practically any number of things for as long as he wanted. It was said that he had never made a mistake and was, in fact, incapable of making one.

His fame grew as he travelled far and wide and performed in palaces, royal courts, and town halls. Because he made juggling look like the easiest thing to do, many tried their hand at the craft. They gave up when they were bored or became too acutely aware of their limitations. Funnily enough, no one had ever asked the juggler to teach them.

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The Juggler's Joy

Vijayendra Mohanty

I am an Indian storyteller. Kalp Fiction is my fiction publication. I try to entertain and enlighten my readers with short fantasy, sci-fi, and mythology-inspired tales in Hindi and English.